Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Music in the Air

Warning, due to possible interference in the Time Stream, this post may not be posted when it says it was posted. We have the best Chrono Witch on the case and hope to have it fixed soon. Till then, enjoy the announcement.

~ * ~

Music, the eternal sound that resonates through out human civilization. From the cradle of Mesopotamia, to the skies of Arcadia, music is something that has been, and always will be created, listened too, and adored. It is the binding beauty of community, and the wondrous rapture of life. It changes, it adapts, it evolves, but it remains, and now it has done so again. Two new Iron Tinies have been brought forth to the world, to entertain and excite.

Crescendo della Tempo, the Male of the pair, is better known around the lab as the Maestro. Built with the potential for greatness, he was made to learn music from scratch, in the hope he'd be more then a music box. With the hope that his music would have emotion, heart, and flaws. He was a masterpiece, and with time came greatness indeed. Conducting his symphonies at Theatres across the known world.

Carmen de la Muse, the Female of the pair, is a bit different. Where Crescendo was content to stay at home Carmen had spirit! She learned the movement of dance and the enjoyment of song, and with that left to make her name in the world. She went from England to Europa, from Shanghai to India. She went across the world, seeing every stage, and capturing every heart. She occasionally finds her way back home, to where her family is waiting for her, but she never stays.

With these two done, Autogenic Alchemy feels it has done its service to the world of music. As such, it is happy to offer two wonderful Automatons that each understand the soul of lyrical passion, and hopes that you'll enjoy them both as well. With talent, and with time, you could have the next Maestro, and with patience, and grace, you could see the birth of a new star for the stage.

As always, the release of these two Iron Tinies also marks the release of their Plushie versions. Just as adorable as the full size models, they'll be sure to entertain well and make a wonderful gift.

~ * ~

I dearly hope you'll enjoy both of these new creations. I've tried my best to capture music where I can into their design. I also hope you'll enjoy the possibilities they offer for Clockwerk & Penny, both having outfits that are usable for the earlier two Tinies. Either way, enjoy and we'll hope to have the interference in the time stream fixed by the next announcement.

Thank you,
Fawkes Allen