Sunday, January 16, 2011

U-NA: Unas Novitas Automaton

It's been a long time coming in more ways than one. U-NA was originally created for a Contest at the Museum of Robots far too long ago, nothing but a fun bit of design with a basic story behind her. There she languished in my inventory as a project I always meant to turn into more but never got around to doing. I'm terribly proud to finally be able to say I have. No long intro for this one needed, it's been a long time coming.

~ * ~

Professor Allen's Journal

Days turned into weeks and weeks became months; so much time spent, but not lost. Reconstructing the missing part of the gear and restoring it became an obsession well worth the time. No matter what else happened during those months, it made little difference in the end. The only thing that matters is that it was finished, completed; and so it was.

I could hardly believe my eyes as the construct began to take form and shape. It all seemed so simple in retrospect that I wondered how no one had thought of it before. Other parts I realized had been, recognizing them from the work of myself and others in the field. I felt almost ashamed, as if I was looking at the answers to a quiz that I hadn't studied for. I felt somehow unworthy of it all, but still savored every drop of knowledge it gave me.

And so it is, completed and finished. I feel fulfilled and yet somehow incomplete. All the time I worked on it and now, I'm done, I'm finished. I scarcely know what to do now. It'll pass, already I feel the knowledge settling down and inspiring my future works. Yet I wonder how long I can continue down this path, of building and construction. I feel the world has passed us inventors by, instead finding art in other places than in the world of science. Perhaps I should turn my eye to fashion...

~ * ~

Released for your enjoyment and perusal at Autogenica Noctem @ Twilight Tears. A culmination of much and hopefully the beginning of more.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Excavation

Another year has found its way past. It's been fraught with adventure, drama, strife, loss and exploration. Sadly we were all rather busy at the time and didn't get to participate in most of it! We'll try to do better this year, we swear. ( All swears are to be taken at face-value, swearing does not equal actual promise to do anything of the sort. Though we'll certainly try. )

The biggest change, though not the most important tidbit this post will reveal is that we've once again made a change of location. We will eventually find a stable place to set up shop, but neighbors can only handle so many rampaging dinosaurs and rather rude explosions before they pull out the pitchforks and torches. On an unrelated note, I have a large collection of pitchforks and torches for sale, only slightly used and bloodied. For those of you still wondering just where this store is, you can find it by clicking the spiffy link: Autogenica Noctem @ Twilight Tears

Let us forget for now the changes of time. The past is present and the present long since past. Instead let us focus upon the latest intrepid adventure had by Professor Allen and Spunky Sidekick Emilly Orr! A discovery of a civilization lost to the past, longing to be restored.

~ * ~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Of Small Whirring Gears and Mysterious Fluids

Today, as Some of Our Friends may Know, marks Creator Allen's Natal anniversary 'pon this Pixillated Dreamscape. To Celebrate such Occurrences, it has been Our Wont--as well as Our Secret Joy--to release New and Shiny Objects for You to Peruse (and perhaps Purchase). This year...

Well. This year is Markedly Different in this regard. For there is Mystery Afoot! Great Revelations to Come! Terror, Horror, Confusion! Mimicry!

I would Show You all Images of what I speak, but Alas--I have been Forbidden from Revealing these Dread and Whimsical Creations! All I am Permitted to Say is...Look to the Skies (as well as Looking to this particular Journal) as Our Devoted Researchers continue, with backbreaking Labors Unlost, to Unveil, Reveal, and Unearth the Mysteries of the Past!

We are on the trail, gentle Friends, of Mentions of a Great and Apocalyptic War, that Raged across our Pixel Realm, Devastating the sim Landscape, for Centuries Untold! Significantly Before last Tuesday, which of Course indicates it may be Some Time before we can Reconstruct such Artifacts we have been Able to Uncover.

But We are Toiling for Long and Perhaps even Deranged Hours, to Piece Together the Fragmentary History of this Ancient and Archaic War. Stay Tuned! More Information is Soon to be Revealed!