Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Of Small Whirring Gears and Mysterious Fluids

Today, as Some of Our Friends may Know, marks Creator Allen's Natal anniversary 'pon this Pixillated Dreamscape. To Celebrate such Occurrences, it has been Our Wont--as well as Our Secret Joy--to release New and Shiny Objects for You to Peruse (and perhaps Purchase). This year...

Well. This year is Markedly Different in this regard. For there is Mystery Afoot! Great Revelations to Come! Terror, Horror, Confusion! Mimicry!

I would Show You all Images of what I speak, but Alas--I have been Forbidden from Revealing these Dread and Whimsical Creations! All I am Permitted to Say is...Look to the Skies (as well as Looking to this particular Journal) as Our Devoted Researchers continue, with backbreaking Labors Unlost, to Unveil, Reveal, and Unearth the Mysteries of the Past!

We are on the trail, gentle Friends, of Mentions of a Great and Apocalyptic War, that Raged across our Pixel Realm, Devastating the sim Landscape, for Centuries Untold! Significantly Before last Tuesday, which of Course indicates it may be Some Time before we can Reconstruct such Artifacts we have been Able to Uncover.

But We are Toiling for Long and Perhaps even Deranged Hours, to Piece Together the Fragmentary History of this Ancient and Archaic War. Stay Tuned! More Information is Soon to be Revealed!