Monday, January 12, 2009

The Coin-Operated Boy

It's not easy being a Scientist, you have experiments to run, universes to create, probabilities to collapse. Mucking about with the time space stream causes a lot of problems, you see. Sometimes you just forget what day it is, or month, or year...or epoch. This is why we have our faithful Chrono-witch, helping us out when we accidentally destroy the timeline. In summary, this post is nearing a Month late, for those of you with Linear Time Views, so I'm sorry. I do hope none of you have ceased to exist due to the glitches in time.

~ * ~

Throughout history, there has been no force nor emotion as praised, glorified, feared, and revolted as much as one. Love, that eternal bind between souls, that exerts itself upon us in so many varied ways. The love of siblings, of family, of friends, and of lovers. Love, no matter the number, is a worthy if not oft reviled emotion. So what of those with none?

Even at the beginning, I knew I had done grievous wrong to one of my most cherished creations. Though the Tinies were built, each in a pair at least, my first creation was not. She was designed and built to stand alone, through two iterations even. A clockwork consort eagerly awaiting the arms of you the customer, left by herself otherwise.

No, I say, no more shall I let such travesty stand, no more shall I let her while her life away waiting for the next pair of lips, or tender embrace. Though she will and always has been designed for such amour, I shall not let her remain alone. With such in mind I built in rapt fury, molding and reshaping the iron at my hands, engraving the metal with nerves of golden brass.

I created, as I do, another...

Cecil, the Clockwork Casanova. Lover, Brother, Friend, he is what he must be, or whatever the imagination craves. Love is, after all, a multi-faceted gem upon the spectrum of emotions, and I am not one to bind it into one narrow category or possibility. What is important, is that CiCi is no longer alone, and hopefully, with his introduction into the world, there will be others who too are not alone. Who find in him what they need for their heart.

Be well out there, and remember that love is many things, and that the future heralds a time when no one will truly be alone. There is, however, no reason that time cannot be now, with a CiCi, or a Cecil, at your side.

~ * ~

I bid you farewell now. Consider this a belated Anniversary Gift. One year of service that I've hoped you've all enjoyed. Also consider it a not so timely blush of that Holiday of February that I dare not name. In the end, whether one has someone or not, Love is something to be celebrated, not on any one day, but every day one has loved ones to do so. Time is shorter then you know it; trust me, I've seen it.