Sunday, August 9, 2009

That Ole Debbil Rag

Though this journal is well noted for its inconsistent updates, I do hope that we still have Wandering Eyes to peruse new developments at Autogenica.

Though to be fair, this is rather more in the realm of an update to the upstairs at Autogenica, which has Been Renamed of late (we Cannot Recall, did we Inform anyone of this?) to Lady Disdain.

At any rate, there are New Items located in the upstairs: namely, Textures.

Having recently been Possessed of a Goodly Amount of Free Time (unwillingly, but there you go), your humble Sidekick has expanded into Textures. But not just any textures--no, I am no Great Artist, I am no Architect Divine. My province is fabric, oddity, and paper ephemera.

To wit, there are now Two Vendors selling individual Ragtime Sheet Music covers (for L$10 per texture) and Below can be Found two Boxes of Ragtime Sheet Music--all Twenty-Five in One Place for the sum of L$250.

On the Other side of the Upstairs, can be found Three Vendors; these Vendors offer scattered Architectural Images, Images of the Odd and Surreal, some limited Packaging Textures, and a selection of Madras Fabric Textures for the Summer Season.

Just go Upstairs to Lady Disdain; though soon, You will Also Find the two Ragtime Music Collections on XStreetSL.

I thank you. Do enjoy!