Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Possibility Arises

The Perky Shopgirl, through with her Own Product Announcements, dolefully drifts over and begins to dust various Things that have Needed a Good Dusting for Far Too Long. She Contemplates building a set of Mothballs and White Draping Cloths to Shroud the Entirety of Autogenic Alchemy...

But wait! All is Not Lost! There is new Product Under Development...but it may take Quite Some Time to Debut.

What is it, do You ask? Simply this: Creator Allen has been Devising New Creations--on the Mesh Beta Grid. Unfortunately, this has Required the Acquisition of Much Learning on New Processes, and, while there Has been Progress, it is Slow, and Hard-Earned.

Still, by the time Mesh Uploads are Allowed upon this Grid of Ours, You may well See the End Results of all of Creator Allen's Hard Work.

Hold that Thought, Gentles. Work Is in Progress.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Three Years of Innovation!

Some Anniversaries are Celebrated with Great Fanfare, and much Merriment; some are Celebrated in Quieter fashion, away from the Lights and the Splendor. I suppose our Third year of operation was Celebrated via the latter.

Autogenica,frocks,shopping,Lady Disdain,Iron Tinies,Autogenic Alchemy

But Never Let it Be Said that we Cannot Commemorate our Anniversary; I am Finishing Two new Frocks, that should be Available in Lady Disdain tomorrow. And Creator Allen...well, He has Finally Released the Kitten Upgrade!

What is the Kitten Upgrade, you ask? A Question very Easily Answered: Designed with Iron Tinies in mind, this Hand-hammered, Tintable set of Uniquely Flexible metal Tail and Pointed metal Ears will program your Tiny to Meow.

Well, not Literally, of course; That, we leave to You.

Autogenica,frocks,shopping,Lady Disdain,Iron Tinies,Autogenic Alchemy

This Remains One of only Two Images currently, of the Cocoa Nibs frock. I'm Building as I go, and each skirt Changes, but this one I'm rather Proud of; it features a Sculpted self-patterned Bow above the Bustle, and is very Reminiscent of Hot Chocolate, warm in Cold Hands.

Autogenica,frocks,shopping,Lady Disdain,Iron Tinies,Autogenic Alchemy

It comes with my now Traditional multiple Layers, including Leggings, Stockings, Blouse & Gloves, Corsets and Skirt, most on Multiple Layers. I believe I shall Emplace these two, when they are Released, under the Priceless system, as well.

Please, feel Free to Drop By the Black Sands Beach location of Autogenic Alchemy; the Kitten Upgrade for the Iron Tinies is on the Priceless Wall as of Now.

And Huzzah, for Three years on the Grid for Autogenic Alchemy!