Sunday, October 19, 2008


Never let anyone say Adventure is easy to come by! This is an announcement long in the making and we apologize for the delay. The Chrono Witch managed to fix the Time Distortion only by jumping Autogenic Labs ahead a month or two. We'll be catching up with events while you see what we've been up too!

~ * ~

Attention readers, this just in off the news wire: Explosions, Chases, Exploration, and DANGER! Why yes it's Adventure! at every turn here at Autogenic. There's nothing quite like it to get the pulse racing and clockwork hearts ticking. And you'd be hard pressed to find more of it then you'll get with Autogenic's latest pair of creations. From high-flying antics, to underwater ruins, we have it all, and you can have it too.

Corsair McCloud, master of the skies, and accomplished Aeronaught. No stranger to danger, he's seen the whole world from the cockpit of his favorite plane, the Maelstrom. Action and adventure follow him as his most faithful of allies, always sure to appear right when he least expects it. Straight from the Pulp Novels that came out of the Turn of the Century this is one Iron Tiny with nerves of steel! Sure to keep everyone riveted to the edge of their seats with his next high flying adventure!

Cordelia Marise compliments our flyboy with her deep sea dives and explorations of a world long forgotten. She's seen her fair share of danger and excitement, coming across such horrible beasts as the Killer Clownfish, and the Black Seahorse of the Chessire Reefs. She has also had her share of wonderment and awe from the beauty of it, all documented in her bestselling book "The Unbelievable Underwater Creature Compendium". She's one girl who proves that you don't need an empty space in your head to have real adventure!

These two are most assuredly the start of new tales that will be weaved over time, each new adventure adding to the tapestry of their life! You'll thrill at their talents, you'll gasp at their generosity, you'll swoon at their secrets. The adventure of a lifetime is ready, and remember Corsair's motto: "Seek Adventure, Before it Seeks You!"

~ * ~

...did what? Oh, welcome back! I was just finishing catching up with what we've missed here at Autogenic. I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got a Perky Sidekick to fill in. So let me just leave you with my usual guarantee that these Tinies are as always Mix& Matchable with their brothers and sisters, and that if I do say so myself, they both come with the most amusing stories I've yet written for the Iron Tiny line. If I get support, I might think about making more tales about the two. As always, enjoy and remember friends, ADVENTURE NEVER WAITS!

Thank you,
Fawkes Allen

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wandering Prims Cause Sleepless Nights.

As a designer, it's nearly a given that one will keep all items that one has designed--whether or not those items are stored away in one discreet prim, or kept as wearable attire. I know, because I started designing clothes when I could not afford to purchase new ones, that many of my designs are nearly everyday wear.

On occasion, though, some item or other falls by the wayside, and I don't wear it for days, weeks, even months at a time. This happened to be the case with my Fleur-de-Lys Duster set.

Feeling a need for something that would, in some sense, match the Avarian sands, I searched around for that outfit, and lo and behold, there is severe prim drift in the duster.

This is dismaying. Even more dismaying is the fact that, as a business owner, I've only been keeping track of folks who buy my items up to thirty days prior--while I generally will give items over repayment, if no one's come forward to complain or request either, I've been assuming they are pleased with their purchase, and life meanders on.

This has created a quandary, though. How do I track down people the drift might have affected? How do I get in touch with them if I've long since discarded their name?

The only solution that seems to work for my sense of ethics is...over the course of September, Kartiny upstairs will be substantially revised. All attire will be examined and rebuilt. And every outfit in which I notice prim drift will be set to Mr. Allen's "Priceless" setting. You'll be able to acquire it for a pittance, or for no cost whatsoever, if you need to replace something.

And then I'll start work on new items, after that. It's only fair, I think.

Monday, September 1, 2008

This Just In Off The Wire!

Explosions abound in the labs of Autogenic Alchemy as we work towards three new products to offer to our loyal readers. In preparation for what's to come, we offer an exciting announcement!

~ * ~

The era of communication is upon us! No longer are we bound to the news of our own homestead, for the world itself lies at our feet each and every day. No longer do we have to wait days, if not months to hear from our loved ones, using the antique method of mail we've grown up with. No, the future lies in instantaneous communication. It lies in the heart of the great inventors seeking to bridge the gap between people and one day create a global civilization that spans from horizon to horizon. And now, Autogenic offers its first throw of the hat into this exciting field of scientific discovery.

A method for everyone, civilian and professional alike, to keep abreast of the latest news from the laboratory of Autogenic Alchemy. Hear rousing calls of Eureka as new inventions are built and released, listen to the strange invitations to test out experimental creations, and be the first about to know about all the events and sales we'll have about! Be prepared, and step boldly into the future with Autogenic Alchemy by your side, and in your ear!

~ * ~

As you just heard, Autogenica is now the official group for Autogenic Alchemy and Friends. We'll indeed be keeping things updated, and be sure not to deluge you with notices. There may be rewards for joining in now, and there will definitely be a chance to be a Test Subject for new products before they come out for all our members, not to mention the unfinished creations of our Artificers which may just find their unreleased way to group members. Join today, and keep updated, I'll see you next time, hopefully with better news, and less burn marks.

Thank you,
Fawkes Allen

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Music in the Air

Warning, due to possible interference in the Time Stream, this post may not be posted when it says it was posted. We have the best Chrono Witch on the case and hope to have it fixed soon. Till then, enjoy the announcement.

~ * ~

Music, the eternal sound that resonates through out human civilization. From the cradle of Mesopotamia, to the skies of Arcadia, music is something that has been, and always will be created, listened too, and adored. It is the binding beauty of community, and the wondrous rapture of life. It changes, it adapts, it evolves, but it remains, and now it has done so again. Two new Iron Tinies have been brought forth to the world, to entertain and excite.

Crescendo della Tempo, the Male of the pair, is better known around the lab as the Maestro. Built with the potential for greatness, he was made to learn music from scratch, in the hope he'd be more then a music box. With the hope that his music would have emotion, heart, and flaws. He was a masterpiece, and with time came greatness indeed. Conducting his symphonies at Theatres across the known world.

Carmen de la Muse, the Female of the pair, is a bit different. Where Crescendo was content to stay at home Carmen had spirit! She learned the movement of dance and the enjoyment of song, and with that left to make her name in the world. She went from England to Europa, from Shanghai to India. She went across the world, seeing every stage, and capturing every heart. She occasionally finds her way back home, to where her family is waiting for her, but she never stays.

With these two done, Autogenic Alchemy feels it has done its service to the world of music. As such, it is happy to offer two wonderful Automatons that each understand the soul of lyrical passion, and hopes that you'll enjoy them both as well. With talent, and with time, you could have the next Maestro, and with patience, and grace, you could see the birth of a new star for the stage.

As always, the release of these two Iron Tinies also marks the release of their Plushie versions. Just as adorable as the full size models, they'll be sure to entertain well and make a wonderful gift.

~ * ~

I dearly hope you'll enjoy both of these new creations. I've tried my best to capture music where I can into their design. I also hope you'll enjoy the possibilities they offer for Clockwerk & Penny, both having outfits that are usable for the earlier two Tinies. Either way, enjoy and we'll hope to have the interference in the time stream fixed by the next announcement.

Thank you,
Fawkes Allen

Monday, July 28, 2008

New This Week: Hodge-Podge Shapes

I admit, I'm excited about this one! I've been tempted to make shapes for a while, and I definitely think there's a place for the non-Barbie-doll shapes on the grid.


Millicent is the first in the line. She is very tall, very thin, rather coltish, with wide, surprised-looking eyes and a slight turn to the nose. She comes moddable, so purchasers can make the changes they desire, and fully copyable, with no transferability. (Contact me if you wish a no-copy/trans version; I'll be happy to oblige.)

She retails for L$250; I'm seriously contemplating tossing in the eyes used in the shot, just for completion's sake.

In fact...*nips off to do that*


...Now, where were we? OH! Right--come down to Autogenic and walk up the ramp--Millicent's the first in the line. But there will be more...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Introducing Iron Tinies

Evening Autogenica readers, this is the announcement we here at Autogenic Alchemy have been waiting to give. No point me going on about it here, so read on and enjoy.

~ * ~

As we march on into the new century we find ourselves with new needs and desires that touch upon the ageless quests of civilization. Information comes at us from all sides, and no longer do we have the time to learn it all, nor can we, short of cloning or time paradox, truly do it all even if we did learn. And so, the Renaissance Man has become, if not an impossibility, an improbability. Yet, technology can once more become our savior in this regard, with ways to learn quicker, or spread yourself over many tasks at once.

Autogenic however, offers a simpler solution for those not willing to subject themselves to the bleeding edge of science. We offer a solution used in Autogenic's Labs, Shop, and the personal homes of our designers in order to experience and accomplish much in the sadly shortened time frame mortal life offers us. Today, we proudly announce and offer the latest in modern clockwork and steam technology, the Iron Tinies.

Clockwerk & Penny are the first in a line of Iron Tiny creations, each designed with abilities that range from the every day to the fantastic, letting them help you with whatever you may need. A quirky personality and the ability to mix and match their parts lets you truly take these clockwork characters and make them your own for whatever task you have for them!

The possibilities become endless when you own one of our Iron Tinies, let Penny write out that story that's been trapped in your head, or perhaps let Clockwork meet and greet your guests, or, if you're particularly brave, let him help on your inventions. Either way, with one of Autogenic's Iron Tinies, the world is at your fingertips within a time frame that still lets you enjoy afternoon tea.

'Priceless Plushie'

In celebration and recognition of the release of our Iron Tinies, Autogenic is also releasing a slightly updated version of the crowd favorite Clockwerk Plushie for sale under the 'Priceless' system. The only difference will be that Clockwerk's Version will not refund 1L payments. The Iron Plush version of Clockwerk will be sold along with the rest of the line of Iron Plushies, but be the only one sold under Priceless. Each will come equipped with the same ability to let you speak through them from the original, along with a holding animation thankfully provided by Pandora Wrigglesworth.

You can as always, find these wonderful creations at our store Autogenic Alchemy, and we hope to see you there soon.

~ * ~

I hope you all enjoy the release, we've been looking forward to these for a while now, and I'm happy to finally be able to announce them. You'll be able to find the Tinies in the brand new Victorian Display Tube Vendor, and the plushies will be around it in tiny Eggs. Comments are open for those of you who want to offer them. As always, thank you all and enjoy.

Thank you,
Fawkes Allen

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hello all gentle customers. This is my first post, so I'd like to officially say, Welcome, thank you for coming, yes I'm actually alive. This is actually the first part of two posts I'll be making, hopefully the second will be ready for announcement within the week, and I want this post up before then to help explain some things.

~ * ~

The world is changing in front of our eyes. The drive and passion of the Victorian age are giving way to something new, something wonderful. Where before there was a time when the only method of making a product was hours of work on each and every one, technology has come through, letting us standardize some of the harder parts, and from there adding those personal flourishes we are so well known for. This may, in the views of many, soon birth the 'Industrial Age' of our civilization.

However, it has come, for some, at a cost, the way we knew, of Customs and Capitalism are, if not finished, slowly finding their way towards a more open method of economy. We are entering an age where people will make or take what they want, where prices will be whim purely to the economy and the decisions of wealthy men who ar
e out of touch with those below. I can only imagine there will be much derision as people take, refusing to cater to the exorbitant prices that plague everything, whether out of principal or financial status, or even those who take simply in the view that knowledge should be free.

I however, am willing to take the first step into this new world, not by making my products harder to buy, harder to steal. Those methods usually only hurt the very consumers whose loyalty one should depend upon. Instead, I am giving into the philosophy as well as I can, with a new method of payment that will compliment the old.


Priceless is an important word, it represents the idea that one cannot truly place a value upon one's work. That everything is worth something different to everyone. It is a word that today I use to describe a philosophy that I will be using to sell some, but not all, of my products. It is experimental, it is unstable, it may fail, it may succeed, and I may change or tweak it as time goes on, but progress does not get made by standing back and hoping.

The basis, of the Priceless system, is rather simple. Pay, what you think it's worth, with what one can. One pays the Vendor, whatever they wish, from 1 to 1 million if they so desire. They will receive the item regardless, for if they do not get it from me, they will get it from another, and I'd much rather that they get it from me for nothing, and that they in appreciation tell others where to get it.

From there, there are many questions to be asked about the implementation, due to the limits that bind us in our Second Life. Should one be able to receive it for 0 by simply paying 1 and getting a refund? Should instead I offer no refund and set the price from 1 - Infinity? Should I offer something for those who pay more, a token of gratitude perhaps that encourages more, or would that simply be hiding beyond the same sort of Capitalism that will drive the calls of piracy?

I am nothing if not open to suggestions, to thoughts, and thankfully this very post has a lovely method of letting me hear them. If you have suggestions, thoughts, or simply wish to offer thanks for something or another, be sure to leave a comment.

I don't plan to change the world with this, I'm not even going to be changing my store. Most Products, at first, will still be released with a set price point. Will this change in the future? Perhaps, if you wonderful lot help prove that it can work. That one can depend upon the nature of people to truly offer what they think an item is worth. I am offering my trust out there, and am truly hoping to see people give me theirs in turn. But whether one pays 1, or 1000, I will be grateful, if only because it means my product was worth taking, worth having.


Which, in the end, brings me to this, to those of you who have read through most of what I've said, a new product. A skin. Statuesque. Just a simple skin that transforms your skin to marble, and you into a work of art.

It is based off Eloh Eliot's wonderful PSDs, and though I will try to keep the number of Another Skin creations to a minimum, I thought this skin, an experiment into some deeper genetic modifications, would be a perfect exploration for the new method. Eloh has offered the skins for free, with no strings attached, and it's only right that in my own way, I do the same.

As such, Statuesque will be testing out the 1L refund method of 'Priceless'. As always, this may change, it may depend upon the product itself. However, the idea is there, come, get yourself a skin, pay what you think it's worth for the work done, or feel free to simply have it as a gift from Autogenic Alchemy to you.

~ * ~

There's not much else to say beyond that, I hope you all support what I'm trying to do here, and I hope you all make sure to keep watch for more. There's a lot more planned, with avatars, plushies, and perhaps a few surprises that even I'm not sure of yet. The encouragement I've gotten in world so far has been wonderful, and I'd like to thank everyone reading this as well, I hope you spread the word, and keep watching, the world is changing, and I'm hoping to be there at the front changing it.

Thank you,
Fawkes Allen

Friday, July 4, 2008

So Very Busy With the Things You Never See

It has been quite some time since we've updated, hasn't it?

Well, soon we'll have more. Our talented primventor has been busily manufacturing more in the Iron Plushie line--so soon Clockwerk Clickerclack will have a companion, and both are also being fashioned into wearable tiny avatars.

There may be even more in the works, soon, this space!

Friday, May 9, 2008

March Turns Into...May?

Well, it's not that we've been lazing about on the prim beaches, watching the baleen whales slowly tumble through the surf.

But it's true we've mostly been concentrating on other projects--some freelance, some personal on individual behalf--so yes, this is our public avowal to get back to work for Autogenic's good!

As soon as we possibly can.

First up: more eyes, which should surface in a week or so; at least ten different shades, but I'm trying an entirely new technique, so that number may be halved.

We'll keep you updated.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Yes. We Know. It Is Now March.

We are frightfully behind in new developments.

Stress in two worlds, combined with sale of two of our Penzance parcels, and finding new home and lab space, occupied much of January and February.

Now we near March, and we are hoping to begin testing of prototypes soon, in various areas.

Do bear with us. We are also under slight reconstruction, mostly upstairs, which has involved the loss and need for reset of at least one server; we'll have that up and running as soon as we can.

Oh, so very much to do! We'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Autogenic Alchemy's Grand Opening!

Come celebrate Autogenic Alchemy's Grand Opening! Starting at midnight Friday (January 11th) and continuing until midnight Saturday (January 12th), we are celebrating being in Penzance! Victorian Era Steampunk and Gaslamp fantasy items, Full prim Avatars, Avatar Accessories, Furniture, Clothes and more. Come on down for music, dancing, and even a contest! Watch for Clockwork mice!

(Dancing/somewhat live music will be primarily between nine and eleven pm SLT; we know we're crossing events with the Snowflake Ball at Loch Avie. More information on the contest as we get it; this post will be updated then.)

(This is being held at Kaleidecopia, our house parcel, please withhold landmarks--we can show you where the store is, it's just across the street! And no, we may not *be* there the full 24 hours, but we'll be in and out.)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

News From the Front Lines

No, alas, no new product announcements, we've been busy re-engineering CiCi--in, I think, a much better direction!--but start thinking about one thing, if you would:

We're having a grand opening!

Sometime the evening of January 12th, I do believe, we haven't decided when yet--we are "officially" open for business!

We're currently working through such details as DJ, do we wish dances, and when it's going to be--but we'll let you know!

In the meantime we are busy busy busy behind the scenes, to get the place ready. Hope to see you there!