Monday, September 1, 2008

This Just In Off The Wire!

Explosions abound in the labs of Autogenic Alchemy as we work towards three new products to offer to our loyal readers. In preparation for what's to come, we offer an exciting announcement!

~ * ~

The era of communication is upon us! No longer are we bound to the news of our own homestead, for the world itself lies at our feet each and every day. No longer do we have to wait days, if not months to hear from our loved ones, using the antique method of mail we've grown up with. No, the future lies in instantaneous communication. It lies in the heart of the great inventors seeking to bridge the gap between people and one day create a global civilization that spans from horizon to horizon. And now, Autogenic offers its first throw of the hat into this exciting field of scientific discovery.

A method for everyone, civilian and professional alike, to keep abreast of the latest news from the laboratory of Autogenic Alchemy. Hear rousing calls of Eureka as new inventions are built and released, listen to the strange invitations to test out experimental creations, and be the first about to know about all the events and sales we'll have about! Be prepared, and step boldly into the future with Autogenic Alchemy by your side, and in your ear!

~ * ~

As you just heard, Autogenica is now the official group for Autogenic Alchemy and Friends. We'll indeed be keeping things updated, and be sure not to deluge you with notices. There may be rewards for joining in now, and there will definitely be a chance to be a Test Subject for new products before they come out for all our members, not to mention the unfinished creations of our Artificers which may just find their unreleased way to group members. Join today, and keep updated, I'll see you next time, hopefully with better news, and less burn marks.

Thank you,
Fawkes Allen