Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wandering Prims Cause Sleepless Nights.

As a designer, it's nearly a given that one will keep all items that one has designed--whether or not those items are stored away in one discreet prim, or kept as wearable attire. I know, because I started designing clothes when I could not afford to purchase new ones, that many of my designs are nearly everyday wear.

On occasion, though, some item or other falls by the wayside, and I don't wear it for days, weeks, even months at a time. This happened to be the case with my Fleur-de-Lys Duster set.

Feeling a need for something that would, in some sense, match the Avarian sands, I searched around for that outfit, and lo and behold, there is severe prim drift in the duster.

This is dismaying. Even more dismaying is the fact that, as a business owner, I've only been keeping track of folks who buy my items up to thirty days prior--while I generally will give items over repayment, if no one's come forward to complain or request either, I've been assuming they are pleased with their purchase, and life meanders on.

This has created a quandary, though. How do I track down people the drift might have affected? How do I get in touch with them if I've long since discarded their name?

The only solution that seems to work for my sense of ethics is...over the course of September, Kartiny upstairs will be substantially revised. All attire will be examined and rebuilt. And every outfit in which I notice prim drift will be set to Mr. Allen's "Priceless" setting. You'll be able to acquire it for a pittance, or for no cost whatsoever, if you need to replace something.

And then I'll start work on new items, after that. It's only fair, I think.