Sunday, October 19, 2008


Never let anyone say Adventure is easy to come by! This is an announcement long in the making and we apologize for the delay. The Chrono Witch managed to fix the Time Distortion only by jumping Autogenic Labs ahead a month or two. We'll be catching up with events while you see what we've been up too!

~ * ~

Attention readers, this just in off the news wire: Explosions, Chases, Exploration, and DANGER! Why yes it's Adventure! at every turn here at Autogenic. There's nothing quite like it to get the pulse racing and clockwork hearts ticking. And you'd be hard pressed to find more of it then you'll get with Autogenic's latest pair of creations. From high-flying antics, to underwater ruins, we have it all, and you can have it too.

Corsair McCloud, master of the skies, and accomplished Aeronaught. No stranger to danger, he's seen the whole world from the cockpit of his favorite plane, the Maelstrom. Action and adventure follow him as his most faithful of allies, always sure to appear right when he least expects it. Straight from the Pulp Novels that came out of the Turn of the Century this is one Iron Tiny with nerves of steel! Sure to keep everyone riveted to the edge of their seats with his next high flying adventure!

Cordelia Marise compliments our flyboy with her deep sea dives and explorations of a world long forgotten. She's seen her fair share of danger and excitement, coming across such horrible beasts as the Killer Clownfish, and the Black Seahorse of the Chessire Reefs. She has also had her share of wonderment and awe from the beauty of it, all documented in her bestselling book "The Unbelievable Underwater Creature Compendium". She's one girl who proves that you don't need an empty space in your head to have real adventure!

These two are most assuredly the start of new tales that will be weaved over time, each new adventure adding to the tapestry of their life! You'll thrill at their talents, you'll gasp at their generosity, you'll swoon at their secrets. The adventure of a lifetime is ready, and remember Corsair's motto: "Seek Adventure, Before it Seeks You!"

~ * ~

...did what? Oh, welcome back! I was just finishing catching up with what we've missed here at Autogenic. I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got a Perky Sidekick to fill in. So let me just leave you with my usual guarantee that these Tinies are as always Mix& Matchable with their brothers and sisters, and that if I do say so myself, they both come with the most amusing stories I've yet written for the Iron Tiny line. If I get support, I might think about making more tales about the two. As always, enjoy and remember friends, ADVENTURE NEVER WAITS!

Thank you,
Fawkes Allen