Friday, October 30, 2009

Falling Ahead

Changes have been in the works for quite a while now within the laboratory of Autogenic Alchemy. Our resident Chronus Magi has been finding snippets from some future or another. None of the recovered information bodes well, but as always, the future is in flux. Unless someone has seen it, in which case it's not, except of course unless you change which fourth dimensional universe you are in. Don't think about it too hard, you may end up spawning some sort of fifth dimensional creature if you do. Really, it's happened.

However, in better news from the present, I'm happy to once again pretend to promise that there will be more updates more often than not. Take that as you will. I am also happy to be able to say that there are at least two new products on the way, and a brand new store on generously donated land to peruse them at.

~ * ~

There is no stopping the ever turning gears of progress. Set into motion in the first second that began the expansion of the universe, all progresses onward. To stagnate, is to die. To reverse, to kill. One merely has the choice of being drawn up by the progress in its wake, or guiding it ahead. For progress is ever onward, and always forward. You can never again be where you were. One learns, one grows, one expands.

I am pleased to be able to announce such an expansion for Autogenic Alchemy. A new store that will hopefully help Autogenic Alchemy be the driving force behind its own progress. Brick for brick designed by the Allen Family, it is an honour to be able to to return to the hallowed halls and show off all that has come since. The mixing of old with the technology of new.

You'll find all of my creations and tinkerings there, and for those that make a visit in the next few days you'll also have a chance to grab the two latest products. The two of which will be officially released in a day or two in Penzance as well. I do hope that you enjoy the new location as much as I do, brick, copper, and glass make its form, but you as always are its spirit.

~ * ~

Two new products, I told you! They should be released hopefully on the eve of Halloween. However, I do accept that not all ever works as planned. Do be sure to visit the new location; perhaps if there is interest the building itself may become one of the newer products.