Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Introducing Iron Tinies

Evening Autogenica readers, this is the announcement we here at Autogenic Alchemy have been waiting to give. No point me going on about it here, so read on and enjoy.

~ * ~

As we march on into the new century we find ourselves with new needs and desires that touch upon the ageless quests of civilization. Information comes at us from all sides, and no longer do we have the time to learn it all, nor can we, short of cloning or time paradox, truly do it all even if we did learn. And so, the Renaissance Man has become, if not an impossibility, an improbability. Yet, technology can once more become our savior in this regard, with ways to learn quicker, or spread yourself over many tasks at once.

Autogenic however, offers a simpler solution for those not willing to subject themselves to the bleeding edge of science. We offer a solution used in Autogenic's Labs, Shop, and the personal homes of our designers in order to experience and accomplish much in the sadly shortened time frame mortal life offers us. Today, we proudly announce and offer the latest in modern clockwork and steam technology, the Iron Tinies.

Clockwerk & Penny are the first in a line of Iron Tiny creations, each designed with abilities that range from the every day to the fantastic, letting them help you with whatever you may need. A quirky personality and the ability to mix and match their parts lets you truly take these clockwork characters and make them your own for whatever task you have for them!

The possibilities become endless when you own one of our Iron Tinies, let Penny write out that story that's been trapped in your head, or perhaps let Clockwork meet and greet your guests, or, if you're particularly brave, let him help on your inventions. Either way, with one of Autogenic's Iron Tinies, the world is at your fingertips within a time frame that still lets you enjoy afternoon tea.

'Priceless Plushie'

In celebration and recognition of the release of our Iron Tinies, Autogenic is also releasing a slightly updated version of the crowd favorite Clockwerk Plushie for sale under the 'Priceless' system. The only difference will be that Clockwerk's Version will not refund 1L payments. The Iron Plush version of Clockwerk will be sold along with the rest of the line of Iron Plushies, but be the only one sold under Priceless. Each will come equipped with the same ability to let you speak through them from the original, along with a holding animation thankfully provided by Pandora Wrigglesworth.

You can as always, find these wonderful creations at our store Autogenic Alchemy, and we hope to see you there soon.

~ * ~

I hope you all enjoy the release, we've been looking forward to these for a while now, and I'm happy to finally be able to announce them. You'll be able to find the Tinies in the brand new Victorian Display Tube Vendor, and the plushies will be around it in tiny Eggs. Comments are open for those of you who want to offer them. As always, thank you all and enjoy.

Thank you,
Fawkes Allen