Monday, July 28, 2008

New This Week: Hodge-Podge Shapes

I admit, I'm excited about this one! I've been tempted to make shapes for a while, and I definitely think there's a place for the non-Barbie-doll shapes on the grid.


Millicent is the first in the line. She is very tall, very thin, rather coltish, with wide, surprised-looking eyes and a slight turn to the nose. She comes moddable, so purchasers can make the changes they desire, and fully copyable, with no transferability. (Contact me if you wish a no-copy/trans version; I'll be happy to oblige.)

She retails for L$250; I'm seriously contemplating tossing in the eyes used in the shot, just for completion's sake.

In fact...*nips off to do that*


...Now, where were we? OH! Right--come down to Autogenic and walk up the ramp--Millicent's the first in the line. But there will be more...