Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Autogenic Alchemy's Grand Opening!

Come celebrate Autogenic Alchemy's Grand Opening! Starting at midnight Friday (January 11th) and continuing until midnight Saturday (January 12th), we are celebrating being in Penzance! Victorian Era Steampunk and Gaslamp fantasy items, Full prim Avatars, Avatar Accessories, Furniture, Clothes and more. Come on down for music, dancing, and even a contest! Watch for Clockwork mice!

(Dancing/somewhat live music will be primarily between nine and eleven pm SLT; we know we're crossing events with the Snowflake Ball at Loch Avie. More information on the contest as we get it; this post will be updated then.)

(This is being held at Kaleidecopia, our house parcel, please withhold landmarks--we can show you where the store is, it's just across the street! And no, we may not *be* there the full 24 hours, but we'll be in and out.)