Saturday, July 30, 2011

Of Flight & Fancy

Another few months of unbearable silence followed by sudden inspiration and a rush to finish projects and get them out. Would you have it any other way? I hope the answer is yes, but hope you can live with no. I actually have two products for today, both with the usual mix of style, flair, and fashionable lateness. I won't bore you with details except to say as ever, I'm proud to finally be able to release these to all of you.

~ * ~

The Autogenica Institute Briefing

As you are all well aware, the Autogenica Institute is the modern presence of a foundation begun by Professor Allen in the early 20th Century. His disappearance at some point during those hundred years, along with the loss of much of his work has always been regarded as a mystery. Still, the occasional archive record or unearthed research paper do manage to find their way back to us; it is one such record we are happy to reveal today.

After the creation of U-NA, Professor Allen felt drawn to further expanding upon the technology it offered. The idea of bending light to form objects within our three dimensional space excited him. So he took to task of trying to develop the technology into something usable. Sadly he never managed to get very far. He was only ever able to create a faceless shape with the help of a laboratory's worth of inventory and machinery. It became a spectacle, but little else.

Thankfully we have managed to find schematics of the technology involved, both for the original technology of U-NA and the prototype model, dubbed LucIA for LUCent Interactive Automaton. The journals we have managed to recover along with them have him compare the process to shadowboxes and hand puppets along the wall. We've managed to rebuild the early version of Lucia, and with the help of modern technology and advances Professor Allen could only dream of at the time we've refined her projector down to a portable spine. Her core personality has also been upgraded and we're happy to say she has so far been a complete success.

We hope that the project will show you the benefit of the Autogenica Institute, and why we continue the work we do. There is much in the past left to learn, things that can benefit us now. Like Lucia.

Excerpt from Professor Allen's Journal

I never met another man quite like Jules; a thinker and a wordsmith whom always had his head in the clouds. Conversations with him were a delight and always inspiring. It was hardly a difficult choice to honor him with my latest creation, a framework that can be strapped to your back and allow flight towards the highest reaches of our Earth. Jules' Fantastical Flying Framework, I only wish he could be here to see the things he's wrought and the ideas he had come to life.

~ * ~

Released for your enjoyment and perusal at Autogenic Alchemy @ Autogenica Noctem, Twilight Tears. A culmination of much and hopefully the beginning of more. There may even be something special to give back to the community soon, a certain prototype that might be made available. Make sure to check back for news on that.