Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bedlam Eyes: The First Line Wreaking Havoc in Penzance

*She cackles at the top of the lab, up the creaky staircase, to her little attic with Mr. Sprocket's mantle clock and her first ever hand-built table and the small, odd pile of equipment on the floor, with the painter's bedaubed cover-cloth thrown over it to push it out of the way.

*She removes the canvas with a flourish, and there, filched a single beaker at a time, a single pipe, little bits, here and there, nothing that would be missed...a microscope in battered brass; a looped series of glass tubing stained bright pink; a single recombinant DNA gas chromotographic assembly (slightly dented).

*She puts them together now, bringing the ingredients hidden in her skirt out into view: simple saline solution, a small sienna section of
his hair to make up for using her cells for his Hyde Retrovirus...six lemons and a paring knife.

*She scores the lemons into quarters, squeezing them into a large pressed glass tube, adorned with raised grapes, and then carefully sprinkles in the hair, followed by scoring her thumb. She winces at the instant acid burn, thinking as her blood drops into the mix, she probably should have done that in reverse.

*She pulls a battered notebook from under the table, flipping it open to an early section, sucking on her thumb absently.

*"Ah. Here," she says. "Copperhead eyes."

Bedlam Eyes are making their presence known, upstairs at Kartiny!

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Hand-grown with love, guaranteed to last a lifetime, several varieties to choose from.

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Some are more deranged than others...

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Many available in double packs for one price.

Most sold for 50 Linden apiece (or in twos), one (the Cheetah feral eyes) sold for 100 Linden in a four-pack.

Come see them.