Friday, December 7, 2007

Catnip Clockwork Arrives at Autogenic!

It was supposed to be something to keep her occupied.

Fawkes Allen sighed, shaking his head, looking at the distinct nibble marks on his latest creation. He was a Scientist, a Primventor, there was much he could do on his own, but as everyone should know, Mad Science needs the Audience, the Assistant.

And so far, he was stuck with Emi, who was capable enough, when she didn't flutter off to shop for hair, or took up his lab space, cackling over creating clockwork fruit, or secreted herself off in the attic, growing her own eyes--

He sighed again. He knew exactly where his gas chromatograph had gone. And now this.

He went upstairs, through her oddly staggered system of teleporters, and found more prototype mice in their home.

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"Emi," he started, sighing, and then stopped, blinking down. His assistant was curled up on the wooden floor nearly around one of the clockwork mice, giggling rather maniacally. She was tossing one of the prototypes into the air, batting at it, and letting it fall to the ground. She was...more than slightly on the emerald side.

"Why..." he started, and then stopped. It was always tricky asking shapeshifters why they looked the way they looked. Finally he decided just to ask.

"Why are you--green?"

She shrugged a little, eyes bright. "Too much copper, I think."

"Too much--what?" He dropped to kneel beside her, and only then noticed the one she was mostly obscuring with her knee. This one had more than nibble marks on the metal. This one was...missing...gears.

"Emi! You didn't!"

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"They smelled like catnip! And they wouldn't stop racing around!"

He looked at the other early prototypes of the clockwork mouse, shaking his head once more. They weren't racing now. In fact, the wheels spun on all of them, but they didn't so much move across the floor anymore.

"What did you do?" he asked patiently.

"I caught them," she said, giggling. She tossed the one into the air again. "They're ever so much fun to play with...they squeak like real mice!"

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Catnip Clockwork the Mouse!


Catnip Clockwork is a fully working clockwork mouse. With moving parts and gears. Sadly, he's not the smartest mouse, and though the wheels are turning, he isn't really getting anywhere. Do not despair however! Equipped with a pouch of Catnip inside, when wound up he becomes a wonderful plaything for cats and catpeople alike! Don't miss out on owning your very own Catnip Clockwork the Mouse! He's cute, he's cuddly, he may eat all your cheese.

Fawkes Allen


Contact Fawkes Allen, Premiere Primventor with questions or suggestions.

Come see him.

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Catnip retails for L$200 and is a fully working clockwork rodent, capable of being wound up and wound down. Comes with his own supply of catnip and a small variety of squeaking noses. He is made of--

Fawkes Allen stops transcribing when Emi races across the storefront. What on earth is it now, he thinks, and takes off after here.

"You get away from my GRAPEFRUIT!" she yells.

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"He's going to eat it! I know! GET AWAY from that bowl!"

He strokes her hair, shaking his head again. Did other Mad Scientists have these problems?

"You need to make him some clockwork cheese..." Emi mutters.

"No," he says. Then he grins.

"Have another?" He steps back as she squeals and pounces on top of the table, the distinctive neko ears and tail restoring as she captures the clockwork mid-shift.

He coughs slightly into the transcription device.

We'll keep some safe from her. They are out now at Autogenic.


turnerBroadcasting said...

I like that store, sort of. I was in there a while back. I blew through all my money buying up a chunk of a sim... grr...

then again, since when am I in world. right.

whats catnip selling for?

Emilly Orr said...

First you have to find your source....


I mean, goodness, it's nearly a weed. You could probably grow a shrub for free. ;)

Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Supurb little fellow, Miss Orr - I shall have to visit Autogenic asap... I'm quite taken by your "Clockwork Orange" (lol!) Looking forward to hearing more about future products!
Rafael Fabre

Emilly Orr said...


Well, I did the prim puns, the Clockwork Citrus, and the eyes--Mr. Allen made the lovely mouse, and he's currently refining CiCi mark 2.0, and also the shop mascot, little Clockwerk peering out our front window. :)

Kira said...

must.. have... clockwork... mouse!!!